Hockey was introduced to me at the age of four when I joined the Atoms program at Lakeland Ice Arena.  Participating in this league began my love of the sport.  I played for many years following, and with each year, and each new team, my passion grew, along with my talents.  Always striving to test myself against better players, I played travel hockey for many local Michigan teams, and even played for a local AAA level club.  However, hockey was always more than a sport for me.  Hockey created friendships, and brotherhoods, it even strengthened my sibling relationships.  My freshman year of high school I had the choice to continue travel hockey or play for Walled Lake Northern.  The choice was easy, I wanted to play High School Hockey.  My older brother who was in his senior year playing for the Varsity team at Walled Lake Central, I knew that season would be the last time we would be on the ice competing.  I made the Varsity team as a freshman and never looked back!  My fondest memories of the game were made in High School.   Game night with my peers in the bleachers cheering on our school, and my friends on the ice with me, there was an energy unlike any other time I had played, and going to school the next day being the talk of the school made High School that much more of a special time in my life.


      After High School I continued on my journey of playing hockey and building relationships through hockey.   Playing for the Metro Jets, however, I began to realize that my competitive hockey days were coming to an end, but my passion for the game was still strong, and it was then I decided the best way for me to continue being a part of the game was to turn my focus to teaching others the game that I love and that had taught me so much about life.  I received an opportunity to coach the Walled Lake Northern Varsity Ice Hockey team as an assistant, where I stayed for three years building lasting relationships with both players and fellow coaches.  I also was an assistant coach with the JV Inline Hockey team at Walled Lake Northern, where I deepened relationships with players, because most of those players would join the Ice hockey club later in their own careers.


             Looking forward, I am excited for the opportunity to work with student-athletes again, and being a part of Waterford School District’s worthwhile goal of bringing a team together to compete in the 2017-18 season and many more years to come after this season.  We will face challenges along the road but together I know that we can build a program that will be able to compete at a high level, as well as build strong men of high character and respected in the Waterford community.  I will work tirelessly to ensure that we build a program that will not only compete, and become a winning program, but that will be a cornerstone program other programs will want to model on how a program is supposed to mold young men into leaders of the community.

John McMahon



       It is with great pleasure that I join the coaching staff for the 2019-2020 season. This is a very unique opportunity for me as now I get to serve on the staff of a former player. Having had John McMahon skate for me in High School it makes me proud to see former players giving back to the game and tackling the challenges of leading young men. Our goal is to use the game of hockey to teach life lessons; and have a little fun while doing it. I hope to use my 17 seasons as a Head Coach, my 6 seasons as an Asst. Coach, my 12 seasons as an official, and my 45 plus seasons as a player to accomplish this. Wow, am I old. I look forward to working with John and Jan this season. I also look forward to seeing what wonderful things this years team will accomplish off and on the ice; not only this season but for many season to come.

Claude Tunison